Jewelry Care

Chiyopia recommends the use of polishing cloths specially designed for Jewelry. Should further cleaning be required the jewelry may be placed in warm water with a mild dish washing detergent and gently scrubbed with a soft toothbrush. Rinse thoroughly with water and polish with a jewelry cloth. NEVER USE LIQUID SILVER POLISH, SILVER PLATES OR ANY OTHER CHEMICALS.

OXIDIZED JEWELRY is meant to fade to an antique look as it is worn. How quickly the oxidation disappears, depends on how the jewelry is treated. Things which can cause the oxidation to fade more quickly include perspiration (if you wear jewelry while engaging in sports), chlorine, perfumes, cleaning agents and polish. Oxidation that fades is considered normal wear.

THREADING YOUR BEADS - for threaded beads, they should be gently threaded on the bracelet. Should a bead get stuck on the thread, return it for repair. Do not force the beads off the chain or attempt to cut it. For Chiyopia beads, ensure that the compatible beads are used with the appropriate chains.

GLASS BEADS - These beads are made of glass and should be treated with care to avoid chips or cracks.

EXPANSION OF BRACELETS - bracelets will expand slightly over time. The increase in length will vary depending on how many beads are on the bracelet/s. Fixed Clip Lock Beads are recommended to minimize stretching. They should be used to evenly distribute your beads around the bracelet and thus reduce stress caused by too many beads hanging on one particular section of the bracelet.

CLASP BRACELETS - NEVER USE FORCE when closing your clasp. Ensure the bracelet is sitting correctly in the bed of the clasp. Never use tools to open the clasp (with the exception of the clasp opener).

LEATHER BRACELETS- Care should be taken with leather bracelets. Leather is a natural material and will soften over time especially where folded or knotted. Leather care products can be used to improve the longevity of leather. PLEASE NOTE: Care should be taken to ensure that any leather care product used is entirely absorbed prior to wearing your jewelry.

INSURANCE - As your jewelry is an investment, insurance is recommended. Safety Chains are also recommended as an additional safeguard against accidental loss. Safety Chains come in a variety of styles and are added insurance against unexpected events like a hard knock on the clasp.